Episode: 03

Revering Her Ancestors Through African Traditional Religions

Mara Livermore

Founder & CEO, House of SweetWaters

In this episode, Arlan is joined by Mara Livermore, Founder & CEO of House of SweetWaters, a full spectrum entrepreneurship agency helping clients do the work they love. Arlan and Mara discuss how upbringing impacts a faith journey.


From House of SweetWaters

  • Unfortunately, impersonation and online scamming are rife. These often start with duped copy accounts inboxing people with ‘a message from their ancestors’ but no respectable Babalawo will be in your DMs like that. Stay safe and don’t send money to anyone you can’t thoroughly verify.
  • Like elsewhere in life, there are homophobic priests and priestesses in the tradition. Like elsewhere in nature, African Traditional Religions feature many divinities and representations of divinity that are androgynous, two-spirit and more depending on which story or odu you are reading. You are your ancestors, so I don’t believe you can be wrong for being who you truly are.
  • More resources and a (growing) African Traditional Religions resource list here –


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